Our Service


Survey-bildeSome time before you move, we like to survey your home and go over pertinent information and plan the move together. This in order to suit your requirements and to be fully prepared. You will receive detailed information regarding your move as well as about the destination; schools, geography, economy and culture. Whatever challenge your move may present, you will find our staff quick to respond and eager to accommodate special needs including transporting pets, plants or an automobil, arranging for a cleaning service or installing fixtures.


Offer-contract-bildeBased upon our survey you will receive an offer and a contract. We also provide full value insurance for all shipments while in transit and in storage.


Packaging-bildeMost of our staff have individually more than 20 years of experience. We professionally export pack and wrap all household goods and furniture and use special packing methods for high value items such as pianos, artworks and antiques. We have special packing material for hanging wardrobe, pictures, lampshades and matresses. Our packers will have a detailed inventory and all items will be numbered, and labelled with your name.

Transport – Land/Sea/Air

Transport-bildeWhether you decide to move by land, sea or air, we will carefully choose the safest and most cost-effective method. You will also receive detailed information about the routes and transit times.

Customs Clearance

Customs-bildeWith our comprehensive knowledge of foreign customs and documentation requirements, we arrange for smooth and speedy clearance at your destination. With agents in over 125 countries, we cover the world with our moving services. And what is even better is that we know our agents firsthand as we have been working with them for years.